Disclaimer: After reading this post you will know a little more about me but feel free to stalk me on my social media platforms to know the real me *wink*

Why Time Travelling Shutterbug?

Time Travelling Shutterbug is your one stop for travel and lifestyle inspiration.
My travel stories and reviews, photography, lifestyle and real talk are as genuine as it gets. I wrote twenty one blog posts through the span of a whole year without getting a single penny out of it. All of that was for my readers, for you! 

I give you the most honest and detailed reviews. Not only do I speak from personal experiences but I also make sure to thoroughly research the topic before delivering my content to my audience.

How it All Started?

I managed a facebook photography page called The Shutterbug Life since 2014. My passion for travel and photography kept me going. What I did not realize at that point was how much I loved sharing my travel experiences with my friends.

In June of 2016, I started my blog Hakuna Matata. I realized it was very confusing and disorganized to run so many segregated platforms.

Now, In June of 2017 I have collectively changed my facebook page and blog to 'Time Travelling Shutterbug'. 

The origin of the name: My shutterbug lifestyle allows me to travel back in time through the photographs that capture precious memories and preserve them forever. That gave me Time Travelling Shutterbug.

The Mechanics of My Brain 

Born and brought up in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania to a Gujarati family of Brahmins (caste. LOL).
Gujarati Food and Music are my heart and soul. I enjoy playing Garba and Dandia.

I lived in the same house for eighteen years until I moved to India to pursue my degree in Pharmacy at Manipal University (Karnataka).  

Luckily for me, I adapted quickly to the cultural difference partly because I was super excited and had been waiting for getting accepted into Manipal since I was in 10th Grade. (We didn't call in 10th Grade. We had O Levels and A levels.)

I can speak in English, Swahili, Gujarati and Hindi. 

I love exploring and I manage to accomplish that by traveling, photography and now through my blog posts. Technically, I had been travelling with my family but my actual love for travelling started in 2014 (Genesis : The Story Of My First Trip_) 

I follow Hinduism. I am a vegetarian by birth and now, by choice. 
I respect all religions and faith. 
For four years I was part of a Missionary kids club where we learned stories from the Bible.
For two years I attended an all girl Islamic school and wore a hijab as part of my school uniform.
I believe in One Love above all.

My Weakness: Food, Sports, Cute Tall Boys (Hehe), Anger Management. 

If you like my writing style or my stories please do follow me and be sure to like and share these stories with your friends. 

Thank you for reading :)

Signing off,
-Nishma Khetia.

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