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Ethiopian Airlines & Addis Ababa Hotel

Addis Ababa Airport

I traveled from Mumbai to Dar-es-salaam with Ethiopian Airlines and got a free hotel in transit at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! To know more about my journey, my review of the Cyan City hotel and how you can fly through Ethiopian Airlines to avail the same please keep on reading. Plus you get an unbiased exclusive video of the inside of the hotel.

I booked my tickets through Make My Trip but you can also do it from the official website of Ethiopian Airlines. Booking through make my trip can give you the chance to avail coupons with the respective bank and get cash back. If you plan to stay for a longer duration in Ethiopia you will need e-visa for Ethiopia which you can easily apply for in advance. 

Ethiopian Airlines & Addis Ababa Hotel Travel Video

My flight from Mumbai to Ethiopia was around five hours. It was comfortable and we got served lunch and drinks. After landing in Addis Ababa and clearing customs, the shuttle bus took me to my hotel. It was a beautiful hotel in the heart of the city with comfortable bedding, clean bathroom, room service, wifi and a free buffet dinner! I got some much-needed rest under cozy blankets before going down for dinner.  I even made a friend and guess where that person had done their graduation from? Manipal! What were the chances? She was on her way to Brazil for work. After dinner, I got picked up by the shuttle for my flight to Daressalaam.

I had a seven-hour transit in Ethiopia and I was worried but the Ethiopian Airlines offered me a hotel before I boarded my flight from Mumbai. Isn't that amazing? For passengers with long transit you can inquire and request for hotel and they can give it to you. You can also book the hotel on your own through Trip Advisor or directly from the website of  Cyan City Hotel.
If you plan to fly this airline regularly you can even join their loyalty program and earn Sheba Miles.

Get your absolute must travel essentials here:

Planning For A Long Transit/Layover

1.Check the airport for transit online and the amenities it offers currency rate, guidelines for visa/ baggage etc.

2. Important items to carry: toiletries (allowed liquid amount only!), a fresh pair of undergarments, electronics & Chargers, travel-friendly light reads, neck cushion if necessary and of course all important documents!

3. It is essential to pack a light carry on baggage while at the same time ensuring you have all the important items you need. There can be a lot of walking and waiting around plus a dozen custom checks.

4.Carry a snack if allowed. Sometimes airport food can be very over priced.

Bonus: Extremely helpful Handle Long Layovers at an Airport (WikiHow)

I hope you found this blog post useful. If you have a friend or family member about to fly via Addis Ababa be sure to share it with them to make their journey smooth. To stay up to date on my posts subscribe to my blog.

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Nishma Khetia.

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