Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Simple Yet Difficult: What Should I Eat Today?

The holiday season is upon us. You are at home enjoying your mother's extra dose of ghee cooking or perhaps you are on vacation with your friends. In any case, the last ten days of the year have set into motion. With Christmas and New Years around the corner you can say goodbye to your diet food and get ready to enjoy all the food options I am about to list ahead. You can have the new year resolutions of healthy eating once the clock ticks twelve on New Years (of course that's after you have sobered down the next morning and are done with all the new year partying ;p )

If you are anything like me (a total foodie) or even a person who enjoys food then this blog post is for you! If you are a full time fitness junkie who lives on protein shakes and salads, I suggest you pick another one of my travel posts to read because everything from here on is going to be on #CalorieOverLoad. 

When you are spending on food or have a lot of options to pick from what do you pick? Not Paneer again! I understand the pain of being a vegetarian with limited food options. For a few months now, I have been trying to think of everythingpossible that is both delicious and fun. Here are a few options that I have come up with:

Breakfast at Hampi: Potatoes, French Toast, Baked Beans & Tea

The only reason I get out of bed on most days is the idea of a good breakfast. I could marry breakfast if it was a person. On a more serious note, it is the most important meal of the day and a good breakfast would give you the right boost of energy and set you in the right mood for your day ahead.

Uttapam at BQ Canteen, Manipal :)

An English breakfast, Parathas, Idli/Dosa, Toast and Cereal, Eggs, Uttapam/ Upma, Poha the list goes on. Breakfast is something you can plan ahead to ensure you don't get lazy and starve yourself.

Chocolate Banana Pancake at Hampi

Chocolate Waffle at Sultan's, Manipal :D

Coin Paratha and Sabji at New International Mess, Manipal
Having a light lunch in the Holiday season is out of question unless maybe you are on a shopping-spree (because Christmas sale, duh!) and decide to have a milkshake on the go. Gujarati family lunch is not complete without sweet dish and at least three servings of main course! Okay, a little exaggeration but you get the point. 

 Roti and Sabji (Curry) is the most delicious especially when you have it at home. You can also have daal, rice, curd, pickle, papad to add to your main lunch! 

Noodles at KMC Food Court, Manipal

If you are bored of the desi food your quick and easy solutions would be noodles/ fried rice, falafel/ wraps.

Falafel at Hampi

  Around 5pm when hunger strikes instead of making maggi try out these delicious snacks and you'll probably end up skipping dinner. 
Nachos at Sotally Tober, Bangalore.
 Nachos: You cannot resist some cheesy nachos with veggies with salsa sauce. Yummy! 

Gobi Manchurian at Kamath Circle, MIT, Manipal.
Gobi Manchurian : If you are going to eat this please eat it on the streets and don't let your mom convince you to let her cook it. You know it has to be just enough crispy and crunchy to be just right.

Pav Bhaji : Trust me when I tell you this, the best Pav Bhaji you can get is in winter! All the veggies are fresh and green and it's just delicious with the melted butter on the bread and the onion with the lemon garnish. I am hungry already.
Pav Bhaji opposite Bookmark, Manipal.

Masala Fries: Just the right amount of spicy! Who doesn't love some fried potatoes?
Masala Fries at Snack Shack,Manipal.

Momos at Hampi

Momos: The day is not over until you sneak out of the house for a evening stroll and return with a tummy full of steamed momos! And the chutney that comes with it.

Nachos at SOCIAL, Church Street, Bangalore.

Mix at Dar-es-salaam.

Nachos Again: If you did not order Nachos twice, did you even go to the restaurant? I didn't think so.

Mix:If you are reading this from Tanzania and you're like where is Mix, I got you covered homie <3 
After a full day of eating you still have to have your dinner or else mom will get mad. Whether it's simple Rajma Chawal or dinner at some fancy restaurant you must choose wisely because the holidays are going to get over soon.

Bruschetta at The Church Street Social, Bangalore.

Cheese Tomato Salad, Epidor, Dar.

You can go for any cuisine of your choice : Indian, Mexican, Lebanese, Italian as long as you have a recipe book, or a Master Chef Mom or some cash in your pocket!
Daal Makhani Buter Naan at New International Mess, Manipal
Pizza at Pizza Hut.

Pizza: You didn't think I was not going to include Pizza, did you? Pizza is Bae

That's all for now folks! What do you plan to eat next? Leave your answer below. Happy eating. I hope you this blog post has inspired you to try some food items that you don't usually eat. Go ahead and spoil yourself :) Happy Holidays.

All Photographs in this blog post are taken by Nishma Khetia @ The Shutterbug Life. Follow me on Instagram and my Facebook page. Leave your comments below. Thank you for Reading.

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