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Two Lovers: Journey Via Heaven and Hell

Two young blood. we were both from a different place, culture, caste, education, speaking different languages but we were united by one thing called LOVE. We got to know each other through a mutual friend in a party. Later while chatting, we found a common interest which was the love for chess. We loved playing chess with each other every other day since then. Playing chess made us grow closer to each other. I used to purposefully lose games to bring enthusiasm in her so that she played more and more games. I started loving her more with each day.

One fine day I had some urgent work near her college. I finished my work mid afternoon and called her over the phone. Her phone was out of network area. How can I forget, her hostel place is still a virgin of mobile towers. She told me once that her hostel mates used to climb windows to get a network. After trying for one hour, at last, the call got connected. We made a plan to meet at the nearest restaurant. Both of us met in the restaurant to have tea. I was thinking about more ways to meet her. I knew about her liking towards trekking. That was one of the other things that we had in common. Suddenly, I remembered a place nearby I read about and told her about that place- Konajekallu. It was around 8km from her college in Moodbidri.

We decided to go there and reached the place at 4 pm. We could see three huge rocks on the top of a hill. As we were adventurous, we decided to reach the top of the highest rock. It seemed like the route to the cliff was not as easy as we thought. We were wondering about which path to take. Our target was to reach top and back by 7 pm. The path was kind of sloppy curves and it was wet as if it had rained in the afternoon. The route was in midst of a dense rain forest. We could hear chirping sounds of birds, sounds of insects and some unrecognized sounds. We even spotted some unrecognized creatures. But we subdued all our fears to reach our destination. Walking on those slippery hills in the midst of dense forest and with the entire struggle, we reached the bottom of the rock. The bottom of the rock had a cave temple of Lord Shiva. This temple was a miracle of nature. It looked so extraordinary. We prayed and sat there for a while. The scene was serene with full of greenery, fog all around and breeze of cool air. This made us feel like it was heaven up there. We could call it the nature untouched.

The top of the rock was few feet above from the bottom. So we decided to climb it up. While enjoying the moment and each other’s company, we lost track of time. The curvy path leading to the top is a different and difficult one, not as we expected initially. It was slippery and we fell a couple of times. The twilight started emerging, the sun gave us a few warning calls. Yet we decided to fulfill our aim to reach the top. After a couple of time and with all our efforts, we finally reached the top and it was like a eureka moment for us. We were so happy as if we were on the top of the world. She pointed out to a building saying that it was her college. We could see whole of her college from the top. But little we knew was that darkness was emerging sooner and faster. That very moment, we decided to go back. But we lost the way because of darkness. We called out loudly so that villagers or someone might hear our sound and will come for our help. We tried to find out human footprints so that we can follow the path. But everything went in vain. We were searching all the alternate possible routes to go down, but most of the routes made us go further up. Lost in this forest in the dark felt like deadly for sure. Now, seriously this place has become a hell for us. Suddenly some voice shook us up.

We felt like something was approaching us. She said some wild animal was coming towards us. We were definitely afraid of snakes as we were moving through grass bushes. We started moving forward with all our energy and vigor. We struggled till darkness spread its wings and we were left with only two options–one was to continue the mission downwards which was surely a gate pass to death in that dense and dark forest, and second was to move to a safer and open place to pass the night unharmed staying steady at a place. We lost all our energy in the struggle to get downwards and we got fully exhausted. We could hear a whole lot of noises from all around. Everything put together, we decided to stick to the second plan with no other options left. We started moving forward using mobile flash. But in the mid, our only connection to the external world i.e. my mobile got switched off. We went upwards to finally reach a flat rock to sit and rest.

To kill time sitting on these rocks, kill our fear, keep the hope alive was our new struggle now. The sounds of wild birds and animals, darkness all around, fear of snakes, lost in midst of jungle made us feel like spending the whole night here was a Herculean task. We both decided to live these moments to the fullest like this was the last day of our life. This gave us the confidence to break our new enemy i.e. fear. Slowly our tensions faded away. We started to observe good things of nature – the open sky, twinkling stars above and the cool breeze flowing around. We started talking on various topics to spend time. We even talked about life after death. We played dumb charades, antakshari, word games etc. We both got more close to each other and understood each other more deeply. We both were equally hungry but had nothing to eat or drink. That day I understood that even I can fast. The climate was too cold, we were shivering without blankets. The scenario was reminding us of some movies. Each others support and company made all the odds bearable, but not for long, after a while cloud rose eating all the stars in the sky finally evaporating into the rain. God was testing our patience indeed, but luckily I had an umbrella in my bag. Since water was flowing around the rocks, we had to stand up for hours now beneath the umbrella. She started singing songs to keep the mood alive and it made me more active. I too joined her in that flow. With God’s grace, rain stopped after few hours. We again sat on the rocks conversing with each other. The climate was cooler than before and it was chilling. I don’t remember when I slept but was waked up by her call pointing towards the sun which gave us a ray of hope.

Monsoon & Trekking: Get The Right Gear

We started our journey downwards. We were not getting the right paths which can lead us to a safe destination. We went through one route after the other searching the way but everything was in vain. Suddenly torch lit in my brains and I thought what if we follow the water flowing through the forest. We started following it. The route in which water was flowing was a tough one because it was full of boulders, pits, tree branches and water streams. My hand got cuts and bruises because of the thorny plants. She fell many a time in the pit and hurt herself on the leg. Our bad luck, rain started pouring again all the way. We didn’t care about anything nor were we afraid of the snakes which might have been there in those streams of water. After an hour and half of journey, we finally reached a place where we could see the broad daylight. The houses nearby boosted our confidence level. Our happiness at that moment could not be expressed in words. We were totally wet in rain water and our dress messy with mud and bits of branches and leaves on us. Happily, he kissed her forehead because he knew they would be okay. A villager stopped by and asked about us. We told the whole story. He told us that the forest had tigers and cobras and it was lucky that we survived the night. He took us to his home, gave us food and clothes. As my pant was muddy and torn, he gave me his pants to wear. He even called us an auto to reach the town. These people with a golden heart which made me believe in humanity. We thanked him and bid a farewell. We went along with his daughter and son in an auto to reach the nearest town. It was a journey never to be forgotten in our lives. It was a journey via heaven and hell.

About the Author: 

Prahalad K.R has done M.Tech in Control Systems from MIT Manipal.He is born and brought up in Kumbla, Kerala. He loves travelling,trekking,writing,chess,table tennis,badminton,reading novels,quizzing.His dream is to start a socially innovative company.You can find him on Facebook.
Contact number: 9048957975

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Extracurricular Activities: Are They Wasting Your Precious Time?

30 certificates and 10 trophies later, 
what have I really achieved?

All of our lives, as children, teenagers, and young adults we have been taught how extracurricular activities are so important, and rightly so, but many times we forget (parents, teachers, and students) on where to draw the line on these extracurricular activities. It is very true that college admissions give a huge importance to extra-curricular and even provide scholarships to extremely talented students in their own fields but this is for entering into the undergrad level. Before, I go into the details of my own experience, achievements, and lessons I want to highlight a few key points.

Key Points While Considering Extra-curricular Activities

1.Time Management

I am just going to go ahead and say it. This is a real struggle. And not everyone is capable of learning at the same pace. I count myself in that category. Some people can pull all nighters or be super fast as grabbing new concepts, I am neither of those. How are all the students expected to participate equally in extracurricular activities if more than half of us are slow learners and need more time to focus on academic material, which after all is the primary reason for going to college. 

Lets me be real honest and tell you that any college needs committees and students to carry out activities, they also need an audience to see these activities and participate in the contests organized so you will be told it is 'important' for you to participate and attend these events but at the end of the day, you have to decide if it is something you really need to do and if it will bring you closer to your ultimate goal, whatever it may be.

2. Pick your strengths. Be specific. 

I have struggled with this. There are people who are truly what people call  'all rounders'.Most of us are, however, not all rounders. Pick your favorite thing that not only relaxes you but where you feel you can truly stay committed. Whatever it is, make sure you stick to it and continue it forward. When it comes to extracurricular, like anything else, practice makes perfect and you need to be the best in your game.  college.
Trying to be an all rounder is not happening and I learned this a little late in life. Jumping from debate competitions to essay writing to the joint editor of the college magazine, juggling amateur photography, anchoring college events, organizing a bunch of unrelated college events are a lot of activities that I had on my plate during my first two and half years of college life with no common goal.

3.Learn to say No.

Whether you are forced by your parents or your peers if you think an activity is not right for you do not do it. You will waste your time and energy and neither will you benefit from the activity nor will you excel in your academics. Set aside your weekly time dedicated towards your activity. It can be hard to not think about it throughout the week especially when you need to pre-plan meetings etc but learning to say no is crucial in group events. Don't take me in the wrong way. Team work is important but what is the point in grinding yourself if it is not worth your time.

The Secret To Pick, Excel, and Benefit 
At Extra-Curriculars:

First of all, you need to think and plan, on what you are trying to achieve. Is your goal to pursue an MBA after your undergraduate degree or are you going to go for core Research or something totally different like take up teaching or pursue a career in sports? Once you have decided that all you extracurriculars should automatically align with that. Now, wait for a second, of course, your interest matters. If you enjoy singing or playing a musical instrument while doing research in Biotechnology that is totally your choice, the point I am trying to make here is don't let someone else (parents and teachers included) tell you to do something totally unrelated and uninteresting to you. 

If you are planning to go for administrative or managerial positions, yes, your communication, leadership skills, team work, problem-solving skills will immensely develop through coordinated group activities at college level. Definitely, try for leadership posts! But if a lot of your future and interest works through individual-based work like creative or content writing, photography or something along those lines or you just enjoy swimming for example then there is no need to collaborate and break your head doing it.

Yes, group work teaches you a lot. I cannot even begin to explain that in this blog post. But the truth is group work is time to consume unless the leader is near perfect but the ideal situation is quite the contrary in most cases. Only a few people work and the rest enjoy the benefits of praise. Unnecessary meetings to plan events that could easily be coordinated with simple phone messages are scheduled, but wait the leaders are not crazy! No one replies to phone messages anymore. Wouldn't the world be simpler if we could effectively communicate and finish all the task without face-to-face club meetings that take up an entire evening? So basically, everyone is at fault. That's ok. But, in all of this, if you find that you are the hard working person whose efforts are going in vain then stop wasting your time and find a better outlet and a brilliant alternative for yourself. Trust me there are many!Do not nod your head next time someone tries to throw a group task your way. Politely refuse it altogether. 

It is not your job to fill the seats in the audience and increase the number of participants in a competition for God's sake. 
I realized this later. But better late than never. 

Why don't you invest time in yourself instead? Take up a sport, exercise, cook and eat healthy food, read your favorite book, sleep! Because at the end of the day when you have that endless list of college events, one after the other and numerous extracurriculars lined up on your schedule you will be drained out and before you know it your focus will shift from the task at hand, academics! 

Try Out These Student Planners And See The Difference!

This blog post is written from my point of view with the target audience of college students but if you are a parent or a high school kid, you can apply this too. High school is the time to experiment and try what you like. I was too shy back then hence the over compensation on my part for extracurriculars in college! If you are a parent, help your kid pick what they like. Do not pressurize them with a crazy schedule that steals their childhood away and leaves them unhappy trying to go to football practice when they clearly have a musical heart.

To sum up this rant of a blog post, I will tell you to honestly reconsider the time invested in extracurriculars and be very stingy with it. There should be only two reasons for an extracurricular activity: true joy or long term benefit. The ideal situation would be where you can find something that can do both. Cheers!

This blog post is not meant to offend any college, institution, clubs or leadership positions. It is a student lifestyle hack to teach students to be smart and wise with their time. 

Think I am nuts? Here are some interesting articles I came across discussing the same topic. Check them out ;)

Signing off,
Nishma Khetia.

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Want Me To Shoot You?

Bring Out That Beautiful Smile Of Yours? 

Then What Are You Waiting For?

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"Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart"

I was finally in Japan. After one year of filling out applications, messaging random people, stalking University professors, sending out hundreds of unsuccessful emails, I landed a fully funded research internship at the National Institute of Genetics (NIG), Japan. It felt surreal. I had dreamt of that moment many times but the reality was way better. I was smiling like an idiot at the Tokyo International Airport with a sense of accomplishment.  Few hours before that, I was in a totally chaotic situation. My flight from Chennai to Mumbai was delayed by two hours which gave me only 15 minutes for immigration at the Mumbai Airport. Also, due to the delay, I did not receive my luggage at the Tokyo airport.  Fortunately, I was in a country that embodies kindness. The airport personnel provided me with compensation money to buy the basic necessities and also sent my luggage to the place I stayed in after two days.

I took the famous Shinkansen or the bullet train from Tokyo to reach NIG which is located in Mishima. It is a small town located in Shizuoka and it takes about 2 hours from Tokyo.Once I reached there, I was cordially invited by my Guide and the members. When I told them about my luggage fiasco they immediately took me shopping. Well! That’s the dream, right? Land in a new country and go shopping!

Group Discussions.

I started my internship the next day. I was excited and nervous. It was exactly like my first day in school. The lab is working on some interesting topics related to cell signaling pathways.  Basically, they try to figure out the cues responsible for cell-cell communication. This is very important in developmental biology (embryogenesis) where a single cell becomes a whole human being. Additionally, fields like cancer biology, antibiotic resistance studies also benefit from cell signaling. I got to meet really passionate people and experimented with cool techniques like RNA interference, confocal microscopy etc. My mentor and my lab members were great teachers. They taught me the concepts from basics and helped me in every step of the way.

I  made great friends from different countries. We went out on weekends, cooked food together organized farewell parties. We also took the Japanese lessons offered at the institute. They definitely made the stay more fun.

Trips In Japan

Tips For Students Applying For Internships!

               1. Start early : This gives you enough time to browse through websites, read about the internships and prepare all the necessary documents.  You can find these internships on websites like Internshala, Twenty19 to name a few. Otherwise, you can visit the institute’s website to find more information.

                  2.Watch the deadline like a hawk: Trust me! Deadlines are easy to miss. Nothing hurts like a missed opportunity. So, just note down the deadlines in your sticky notes or Google calendar or anything.  The deadlines for most of the research internships may range anywhere from September to April.

                3.Do your homework: Read about the research work, the professor/scientist, the University. Be thorough. Some internship may ask you to give an interview. So being prepared helps
              4.Mail a lot of professors:  There are different ways of obtaining an internship. One is formally applying to a program and another highly underused way is emailing the professors.
Use your social media stalking skills and find professors on the university websites/on LinkedIn and mail them. Before doing that read up, make sure you have enough information and then proceed. Initially, there might not be any replies. I emailed around 40-50 professors and got no reply. Don’t feel dejected. Apply as many as possible. Read some blogs about emailing professors.
Again! Don’t underestimate the value of volume. You try 100 different things, you will definitely hit one.

Even though it was only for a month, I learned a great deal of science and life skills. The experience was not all sweet. I did have my doubts and fears. But at the end, it was all a learning experience and it was totally worth it.

I was fortunate to have a healthy support system. My friends encouraged me to apply every time I got rejected, my family taught me to laugh it off. So, make sure you are not in a negative environment. Also, I had incredibly amazing teachers who gave me a letter of recommendation every time I asked.  No single person can achieve anything alone. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Farwell Dinner

Another, important lesson I learned during this process is that you should not stop applying because you think it is out of your reach. Your job is to apply and they decide the results. Don’t every take their position. For example, if Harvard is offering a program, just apply! You never know! :P

I am no big brains. I just tried hard. So, it is not impossible and it is not a complex task.  So good luck! Make the most of your summer vacation.

About the Author: Anjana Sundarrajan is a true Tamilian who will not shut up about Chennai and curd rice. She completed her B Pharm from Manipal University. She is passionate about research and innovation. She is on her way to study Masters in Biotechnology at 
UPenn in the United States.  

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The Ultimate Guide To Hampi

"The only thing I own, which are still worth what they have cost me are my travel memories...the mind-pictures of places that I have been hoarding like a happy miser"-Burton Homes.

Two sisters, two days, one trip, memories to last a lifetime that was Hampi for me. I traveled to this beautiful town of old kingdoms, beautiful temples and gigantic ruins in December 2016 with my sister Sonali Khetia. Located alongside the Tungabhadra river, Hampi is a top tourist destination for both Indians and foreigners alike. It is recognized as the group of monuments at Hampi in the UNESCO- world heritage site. Want to know more of my journey and experience then keep on reading:


Old temples, big and small alike. Hampi is home to a lot of beautiful temples. From the main and the most visited Shiva temple (Virupaksha temple) to the abandoned Krishna temple, the famous Vittala temple complex, and the Jain temples, each of them has its own unique history bound to the famous Vijayanagar Empire. Many of these temples were used for worship back during the time of the Kings but have now been preserved as a monument.

Virupaksha Temple
Temple in Vittala Complex

Krishna Temple

Temple at Hemakuta Hill


Hampi is a paradise for food lovers. There are more than a dozen restaurants within the main center offering a variety of cuisines. We picked a different restaurant from each meal so we could enjoy a little bit of everything. The pasta, pizza, fries, falafel, momos were finger-licking delicious. All the restaurants have a cozy vibe, some with rooftop setting while others with a river view.

Breakfast at Moon Light Restaurant.

Falafel <3
River View Restaurant

Moon Light Restaurant


Hampi was the operation center of the entire Vijayanagar Empire. In order for things to operate smoothly, it was obvious that it had marvelous structures built up to serve the royal family. From water tanks to royal baths, gardens, other monuments of historical importance and some of the military significance like the elephant stables. 

Lotus Temple

Royal Pool

Water Tank At Royal Enclosure

Stone Chariot

Top Ten Tips For Your Hampi Trip:

1. Accommodation In Hampi: 

Unless you are planning a luxury stay, I would suggest not to spend a lot on your accommodation. We easily got a guest house for 450 Rupees per night! Our trip was two days and one night. We checked out at 10 am in the morning and asked the reception to take care of our luggage as we went exploring on the second day. You can collect it in the evening before catching your bus.
We stayed at the Manju Guest House.

2. How To Reach Hampi:

If you are flying in, the nearest airport is Hubli and then a three-hour taxi would bring you to Hampi or a bus from Bangalore. All of those are bound to leave you tired and you would need some good rest. In that case, you can extend your trip to two or three nights. In my case, I took an overnight bus to Hospet (12 km from Hampi) and then a connecting bus.

3. The Hardest Question: What Should You Eat?

Have a heavy breakfast so you can explore throughout the day without having to a long lunch break which will not only take away time but also make you lazy and sleepy. All restaurants on the main side of Hampi (near the temple) serve only vegetarian food. Yes! So if you want to indulge in non-veg options you can easily cross the river. Hampi also does not serve alcohol to respect the religious views of the area and the people. That is also available on the other side of the river.
-Must Try Restaurants: Moon Light, Mango Tree, Funky Monkey and River View Restaurant.

4. Out And About Hampi.

If you absolutely love exploring then get yourself a bicycle on rent. Map of Hampi is sold at 20 rupees and you can easily find your way about on your own. Every morning at 9 am a government tourist group also leaves from Virupaksha temple on bicycles. A bicycle for the whole day would cost you somewhere between 200-400 rupees. You could also get a guide if you wish. The Royal enclosure and sunset points are far from the center but a lot of places are at walkable distance.
-Must Visit Places: Vittala Complex, Matunga Hill, The Royal Enclosure, Virupaksha Temple.
You can also try a ride across the river in the handmade boats!

Tungabhadra River, Hampi.

5. Network & Communication In Hampi.

Let me assure you, there is none. No phone network. Only Wifi. This was the main reason why all the restaurants and guest houses have their own wifi. It is very hard to get a network on your phone while in Hampi so inform your loved ones prior to your travel so that they do not get worried.

6. What To Wear In Hampi.

As Hampi is a religious town, I would suggest dressing modestly. Go for long cotton skirts or trousers, maxi dresses. For men, long trousers, joggers or pants would be appropriate. Avoid shorts as it would be disrespectful especially in temples. It is always hot in Hampi so be sure to wear comfortable clothing that you can manage for an entire day. Wear walking shoes or comfortable sandals as Hampi is full of big boulders and rocks and there would be a lot of walking.

7. What To Pack For Hampi.

Pack light, if you are backpacking.  
Essentials include: Camera, Water bottle, ID Card, Chargers, Sun Protection (Cream, Sunglasses, Hat). See the video for more inspiration.

8.Shopping In Hampi.

Hampi has a few shops run by tourists and locals alike. They sell the most unique items from handicraft to clothes, shoes, show piece collections, jewelry and more. If it is in your budget do get yourself a souvenir to take back home.

9.The Other Side Of the River.

This is a beautiful place, which I discovered a little late during my trip. Make your way across the river in the ferry boat which will cost around 12 rupees per person. The other side has lush green fields, is much cooler and has a lot of fun places to be explored.

10. Enjoy Yourself!

Have an awesome time. Do not let the heat or the walking drain your down or get to you! Let yourself loose in the ruins, get crazy and have fun! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Feel free to leave your comments, questions, and suggestions below. Follow my blog to stay updated on my endeavors and be sure to share it with your friends. Thank you.

Disclaimer: All the photos, reviews, and opinions in this blog post are my own. Do not copy or replicate without permission. 
Signing off,
Nishma Khetia.

Two Lovers: Journey Via Heaven and Hell

Two young blood. we were both from a different place, culture, caste, education, speaking different languages but we were united by o...